A Course in Miracles Workbook for Students

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Final Lessons- Study Planning Guide*

Tomorrow's lesson, lesson 361 will begin the first day of the 'Final Lesson' Lesson Section of the workbook.  This Lesson Section includes the lessons for the last 5 days of the Study Year.  On the first day of this next section, (tomorrow) the material titled: 'Final Lessons- Introduction' (two pages in the printed edition) should be read as a preparation for reading lesson 361.  In order to allow yourself sufficient time tomorrow to study the material- 'Final Lessons- Introduction' please plan your study periods accordingly.

(end lesson 360 study material)


*Study Planning Guide: This Study Planning Guide Note is an editorial comment added by students of ACIM in this C/MVO Edition of the ACIM Workbook.   It was not included in the original Workbook text.

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