A Course in Miracles Workbook for Students

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Workbook Part II- Study Planning Guide- Lesson 221*
(beginning lesson 221 study material)

New Study Patterns and Special Thoughts:

As mentioned in the Study Planning Guide Notes from yesterday, for Part II of the Workbook, the study pattern changes significantly.  Starting with today, the next 140 lessons are broken into 14 ten day lesson sections.  Each of these ten-day lesson sections has what the Course refers to as its own over-arching Special Thought.  The study instructions included in the following Introduction to Part II specifically ask that the student review these over-arching Special Thoughts each day, in addition to reviewing the particular lesson for that day.  After completion of the next 140 lessons in Part II, another change in study patterns occurs for the last five days of the Study Year.

In order to take advantage of the modern linking abilities of the Internet, and in order to enhance ease of study, we have taken the liberty of inserting links in each of the coming 140 lessons, pointing back to these over-arching Special Thoughts as they apply to each of these 14 Lesson Sections.  Aside from the addition of these links, all other wording is unchanged from the original Criswell edition text. 

*Study Planning Guide-1:  This Study Planning Guide Note is an editorial comment added by students of ACIM in this C/MVO Edition of the ACIM Workbook.   It was not included in the original Workbook text.  To continue with the study material for day 221, please proceed to Workbook Part II Introduction.