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Study Planning Guide- Lesson 220*

Tomorrow's lesson, lesson 221 will begin the first day of Part II of the workbook.  Part II of the Workbook includes the last 145 lesson days of the Study Year.  Congratulations for making it this far!  There is still much more to come.  The study pattern for Part II of the Workbook varies slightly from Part I.  These changes will be described in the introductory material covered for tomorrow.  Tomorrow's study material includes a total of approximately five additional pages that need to be thoroughly reviewed before continuing on to Lesson 221.  Tomorrow's study material includes;

In order to allow yourself sufficient time tomorrow for the study of all of this additional study material, please plan your study periods accordingly.

(end lesson 220 study material study material)

*Study Planning Guide: This Study Planning Guide Note is an editorial comment added by students of ACIM in this C/MVO Edition of the ACIM Workbook.   It was not included in the original Workbook text.

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