Special information for Hand Held Device users:

You will notice that Hand Held Device section of this website utilizes the Google WAP Portal to give Hand Held Device users a way to access ACIM Workbook lessons on their devices. 

The main reason that I've put up these lessons in PDA friendly format is actually quite selfish.  I did id so I could access them from my own personal cell phone.  I must admit, I did try to make these lessons as compatible with as many other devices as I knew how, but the starting point was my Motorola V300 cell phone.  I believe that this phone is somewhat typical for Hand Held Devices.  It has some limited HTML browsing capability, along with standard WML browsing capability.

If you decide to use your own Hand Held Device to access the ACIM Workbook via this website, I would suggest that you might try clicking on the "Calendarized" link below, then find the month that contains the lessons you are after, then store the link for that month to your Hand Held Device. 

After locating and activating the link to any given day's lesson, you will be routed to the Google WAP search engine.  Select the link shown, and you should be able to read the day's lesson.

Good luck. Any comments, suggestions, or offers to volunteer to help in formatting and uploading would be most appreciated.  Happy Browsing!


Scott Perry scotwperry@miraclevision.com.

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Peace Angel