New Teachings from an Old Friend....

Some Teachings as Found in the Recently Released ACIM Urtext






This page is dedicated to providing a fuller understanding of some of the earliest teachings of A Course In Miracles, as they were first taught to Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford, before the wide publication and distribution of the 2nd edition of A Course In Miracles, and before the editing out of numerous sections of the original Urtext in order to make for a standard set of teachings that might be of interest to a larger number of people.

In order to assist in achieving this goal, included on the page are:

1. The original Urtext [the first typewritten transcription of A Course in Miracles].
2. What Does the ACIM Urtext Have to Say about Sex? (and other thoughts about the ACIM Urtext) [a brief article summarizing some of the highlights about this topic].

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